NTTFF Future

NTTFF in 2022 will be an internationally renowned iconic NT event. It will provide exciting opportunities for locals and visitors to interact with high quality cultural activities within vast locations across the NT. It will be a premiere event for the best in NT films with a commitment to building cross-cultural understanding. NTTFF will be a key example of delivering unique high quality cultural experiences in the remote.


The NTTFF events strategy is based around five key areas:



Economic growth and sustainability

Committed to growing NTTFF to a six-week program of diverse screenings and programming, while establishing a base of diverse revenue through government, philanthropic and business partnerships, underpinned by growing ticketing income.




Film industry capacity building

Provide access and support for professional and an emerging film industry to develop, produce and present work within a regional Northern Territory context, while connected nationally and internationally.




High quality and contemporary NT programming

Draw influence, energy and identity from its regional location, while creating experiences of national quality through best practice innovative programming.




Professional planning and delivery

Committed to operating an accountable and transparent business, staying up to date with current event practices.

In 2019, we will be growing from a 4-week to a 6-week tour split into 3-week block to accommodate weather. It will visit existing locations, as well as new remote communities and tourist favourites. It will build some special feature screening and luxury visitor experiences.

It will expand on the 2019 workshop program partnering with existing and new communities building on film skills of emerging and established filmmakers, as well as supporting connections and pathways for creation and screening of NT film content for makers from the remote.




Honouring cultural knowledge and capacity

NTTFF values the role of the remote community partners to guide all aspects of the program through the advisory committee, workshop program, community communication and screening location. NTTFF is committed to building strong frameworks to ensure cultural safety and protocols are ensured and that guidance is sort to connect, strengthen and place the program in each remote community.


Two New Programs Will Also Become a Part of NTTFF


Filmmaker Conversations

At key community screenings we will invite film industry professionals from the NTTFF 2019 program

to participate in a community conversation prior to opening the community screening. This will provide visiting film makers with an opportunity to see community audiences interact with their films; while also allowing remote filmmakers to connect with someone in the broader NT industry gaining insight into their pathway and experiences.

Advisory Committee

In 2019, a curatorial advisory committee made up of cultural mentors/Elders, NT screen industry, NTTFF community venue and tourist partners, Darwin Film Society board and filmmakers will support NTTFF to:

  • Provide advice about the various screening programs

  • Learn from each others’ experiences in working with film

  • Understand and value the role each member plays and how to better support each other

  • Advocate and support the NT film sector

  • Identify new opportunities for growth and capacity building for NTTFF and other film industry drivers.


Download the 2018 NTTFF Report to learn more