Tangentyere Artists Film Collection

Works by Tangentyere Artists are internationally renowned. These Central Australian Aboriginal artists create tales of life from Tjukurrpa, historical and contemporary life. This collection of shorts animates paintings, sharing diverse yet intimate and complex stories.

Many wonderful stories arise out of the sometimes difficult conditions of the Alice Springs Town Camps for those who take the time to look and listen.

We are very pleased to share them with you and show that Town Camp homes are also positive places in which real people live their lives, worthy of the respect that any person and their home deserves.

Yarrenyty Artists were established in 2000 by the community at Larapinta Valley Town Camp, Alice Springs. They make figurative sculptures from bush-dyed, recycled woollen blankets and yarn to tell stories of home, history, culture and imaginings. Yarrenyty Arltere's sculptures and films have been enjoyed across the world- from a train station in Sydney, to the 2018 NGV Triennial.   

Films on tour include:


Tangentyere Artists

'Iti Jesunya Ngnaringu Bethlehemala – Baby Jesus was Born in Bethlehem'

Artist Name: Nyinta Donald
Narrated in Pitjantjatjara this Nativity Story is told from a Central Australian Aboriginal Perspective, and takes place out bush, near Utju (Areyonga). 

'Four Women Playing Cards for Money'

Artist Name: Sally Mulda
Narrated in Southern Luritja, four women are playing cards for money at Abbott’s Town Camp. They play for a long time, till night-time... anyone could win! 

'Artwa Lirrama Arkutjuka - A Man Loves that Woman'

Artist Name: Grace Robinya
Narrated in Western Arrernte, this animation is set in times past during “mustering time... when men gotta go muster the cattle for station work and women’s got a picnic.” Paths cross and a love story blooms. 

Yarrenyty Artists

‘Here is Petrol Been Wasting All Our Lives’

Artist Name: TBC

We are proud people; you can see how we stand with our arms stretched out, not afraid to tell people that this place, Yarrenyty Arltere, is our place.

We are the women of this place, making art, making laughing, making strong. That body is painted with stories and markings, just like real woman, all covered in markings. But look, her arms are open like when people talk at meetings; her arms are open because she is talking for everyone to hear.

We are the men of this place, working together we make things get better. The stories and the culture must not get lost, we must pass them on to the young, they are what will make them always feel they belong.

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All films funded by Live Alice Mparntwe Program (#LiveAlice).

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Film is funded by Indigenous Languages Australia and made with film maker Jackson Lee (Melted Creative).